Office building visitors system solution

System Summary

How to eliminate the entering and safety accident which results from the social miscellaneous personnel and multi-level marketing? How to change the imperfection registration which caused by manual management, poor hand writing which is not easy to identify and difficult to save for a long time; counterfeit ID which the security person can't verify and authenticity of information which can't be solved in the management. Strengthen the scientific management of visitors and effective prevention of accidents caused by visitors.

System Design Goal

1、Regulate internal personnel access management.
2、Eliminate the outsiders who influence the office environment.
3、Be aim at loss events by theft in office building, reinforcing the office area management.
4、Reduce criminals entering the building to make a surprise attack.

Office building visitors system solution
Visitor registration:
To register all visitor information, name, ID number, photo, visit matters and interviewee’ relevant data and other information
Issuing card and registration:
Mainly for issuing registration and management of internal staff
Non-leave inquiry:
Inquiry current left visitors inside the building
Department interviewed inquiry:
Inquiry the department interviewed records, and generate statistical reports
Management of the visitor’ vehicle:
Manage the visitor’ vehicle
Management of carrying goods information:
To manage visitor’ carrying items information
Inquiry data summary:
Inquiry visitor’ date based according to different conditions, and the corresponding data table can be print or exported
Operation log inquiry:
Inquiry all the operation log of all the staff into the system
Passing records inquiry:
Detailed inquiry on the passing record, the inquired data can be exported and print out

Office building visitors system solution
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